7 Days to Die - Vanilla
7 Days to Die - Vanilla - alpha 15.2 b6 - 31st January 2016.
7days2mod is now also on GitHub. Come check us out and if you feel the urge you can even contribute with mods!
7days2mod.com will be transitioning to using GitHub for hosting mod content in the future. You can learn more in my 20-minute tutorial video.
Also check out the 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher made by SphereII, an easy way to manage mods both locally and on a server. The launcher is being integrated into GitHub as well so any mods hosted on 7days2mod via GitHub will automatically be available in the Launcher.

The vanilla files have the following standard changes applied: All invalid character removed, all comments removed, all xml formatted and indented consistently.
Version Library:
Current Version
Alpha 15.2
Previous Versions
Alpha 15.1
Mod uploads and editing are here! If you have any requests, questions, bug reports then please head on over to the official forums thread.
Introduction and Feature Tutorial Video - This 30 minute video covers the main features of the website and how to go about creating and editing a mod.
- StompyNZ on 7daystodie.com forums.
- StompyNZ on steam.